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Project Description
Wrapper around Asterisk IP PBX and FreePBX (including its derivatives like Elastix and TrixBox)

  • tabular data presentation enabling batch/bulk
  • moving some of the busines logic and presentation to client thus reducing load on the PBX
    • enabling to move Asterisk onto embedded devices with less load on the server during configuration
    • Presentation layer
      • tabular data
      • burst mode for batch/bulk scan inputs (barcode scanning)

  • OS: Linux CentOS
  • 3.5
  • Silverlight 3.0
    • Silverlight Toolkit
  • Database access: Linq (DbLinq and MySqlConnector.NET)


  • Miljenko Cvjetko aka Chika Zulko
  • Ivan Kaselj aka Lega
  • Ivan Dikic aka ScriptKiddy
  • Emilije Strahinja aka ISOLayer1

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